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Gap at Corner or Wrap?

Katalin Takacs wrote:I have registered your request about 'continuous dashed pattern at corners' to our defect database.
As a workaround I can recommend you to activate the chained line tool and click on the edges using magic wand.

Please note that the origination of this wish started back in 2007; do the math, that's seven years ago.

Another work around is to use slabs.

The overall, most requested SOLUTION is that this very adept and expensive CAD design software provide a polyline that connects/wraps/joins at the corners. The excuses from GS sources for it not being provided can be grouped into the "Side Step", "Not Prudent at This Juncture", and "Avoid the Requests and They Will Go Away" categories.

Come on GS, just fix it.

I am now getting bugged by a structural engineer that i do some drafting for with ". . . can you join the corners of the dashed foundation lines and join intersecting dashed lines that butt against other dashed lines?"
46cruisair wrote:

Please note that the origination of this wish started back in 2007; do the math, that's seven years ago.
...ummmmm :shock:

(It was 2005, which makes your math correct, but I still :lol: 'ed )

that's what happens when i try to get smart-alecky about something.

i must have meant to say "New Math".

it was 2005. and, i got dyslectic while i was multi-tasking (thinking while typing while listening to the radio while chewing gum).

anyway, i still think dashed lines should join at the corners, and i am stincking [sic] by it.

Katalin Takacs, it has been more than five (5) years since you registered this request with the defect database and your suggestion to work around the inability for poly lines to join at intersections. the chained line does work, but still not joins for poly lines at corner intersections or T-intersections.

the poll is somewhere around 99% for to 1% not for this fix.

please, pretty please can GS make this happen?

this would go a long way in streamlining and making more efficient the drafting of dashed lines that are done correctly per all normal drafting conventions.

maybe GS just want us users to spend more time using their software and enjoying every minute of it.
Samovar wrote:Still not properly fixed in AC17 - but at least a little dot appears at the corner.
OK, but . . .

i see the little dot on my screen image at the corners where the polyline does not connect; when i print the graphic, the printed image does not have the little dot.

Kinda close, but no 'gar.

the chained polyline and magic wand 'work-around' does get what is needed but if that is possible why is it such a big deal or presumably a coding issue (these are assumptions) to make it work 'out of the box'?
Wouldn't the best solution for Graphisoft be to provide a control box in the tool dialog that let's you choose either method on a case by case basis?