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By Lighting90
Archicad does not need to adopt the autocad style, but needs to incorporate it to ensure it can bring new users to it, having both arichad styles and autocad short cuts and uses would mean that companies who are using autocad would consider moving to archicad, at present I have seen a lot of archicad users switching to autocad, at least here in the UK.

I like your figures, basically 60% are autocad while 11% are archicad, if maybe it was the under way around then autocad would by trying to incorporate archicad methods of drawing, but having said that the 2006 architectural desktop is far more user freindly, with simply tools enabling easier construction of whole 3d building models. If autodesk continue on this aggressive approch to development, then archicad will be left behind, and as a fan of archicad I would hate to see that happen, which is why keeping things as is, really is just not an option. Whether this is an easy change or better an addtion to the current method of offset, then Graphicsoft should review it....

So I assume some of the teachers from 1990 are still teaching then... :D
as I can just about work out who might be the ones who can't use a mouse.

By the way, this is good discussion, I like the chance to do this and see what comes out of it. Maybe it will help Graphicsoft or maybe it won't, but at least we can have fun trying... :)
By Adalbert Albu
at Ion Mincu there are:
30% archicad beginers
50% autocad beginers
10% autocad power users
1% archicad power users
9% hand drafters

and there are also 95% of the teachers that don t know how to hold a mouse.

still i believe that archicad shoud be oriented towards its users not autodesks wich by the way have their own bim software - revit. i don't think revit is going to adopt an "archicad style" just for capturing its users.

The question is what software the industry will be adopting. The change is mandated by the change in the codes from descriptive to prescriptive and this is being answered by software. In fact aspects of the practice i.e. structural work energy analysis is being reduced to a level any architect could master and it must because being integrated in his software. Here is where the lined are drawn: virtual but virtual in all aspects of the physical world. Will GS be at par?

It's a long time since I left Ion Mincu the world has changed (seems that not for all)