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s2art wrote:
vincon2 wrote:Thinking upon it further, it really wouldn't be necessary to show the upper units swing because its always going to swing out and up or the same direction of the casement below.
But if you didn't show the upper unit you wouldn't know it was there would you? It could be a simple casement only.
My point is you still have to have an elevation of the window to show different fenestrations. Imagine if the upper unit was actually below the casement sash (popular in schools) or you have louvres in one section, or the head of the window was arched. You still need an elevation.

Not to mention the fact that plans would be a hell of a mess.

Not trying to stir, just trying to think around the whole problem.
No sweat good points.

The vast, overwhelming majority of the casement windows are stand alone and having the swings on a single window wouldn't be a mess and would achieve the desired results.

At least having it as an option like we have it on the 3d settings (where we can show the swing or not show the swing), we would have that as an option that could be turned off in the rare circumstances where you might prefer to indicate the swings on the elevations only.

Since I use so many single vertical unit casements, I would be thrilled to have the swings showable on the floorplan (I would still show the swings in 3d just to make sure that there was no confusion), but then I try not to leave anything to chance.