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By Santy Yeh
I would like to have a fill that I can cover under the grade line that would automatically make all the lines in the covered fill convert into dashed lines ( to indicate that it is under the grade.) This would save a lot of time and I can keep my drawing in 3d without converting it into 2d and changing all the lines manually into dashes.
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By Sergio
That, and Karl posted a pretty neat work-around (Aaaahhhhh, that dreaded word) of pasting a fill in the S/E window, something like "block", with a transparent background and color 91 (or white equal) for the foreground. If you then bring the fill to the front, the final effect will be just what you're looking for. If you do a search you'll find it along with screen shots, if I remember correctly.

Another option is to use that unreliable Special Menu. If I remember correctly it has one such option. BUT from what I understand, if you use anything from that menu you're playing with fire. So stick with the first option for now.