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Our office wish is for the door schedule overall unit height to reflect the true height of an exterior door. Currently the overall height value does not include the sill, and typically exterior doors are sold with the leaf in a frame that includes a sill. As a result of the sill value not being included, on the layout sheet we override the door schedule height column with text boxes showing the true unit size which accounts for the 2" or 2 1/4" typical value of the sill. This is not efficient and prone to error if the unit size changes. Having spoken to a Graphisoft employee I understand that ArchiCAD does not differentiate between interior doors and exterior doors for overall height for schedules, which is why the height value of the sill is not considered. It is important to us that doors are modeled to exactly match real life so that interior and exterior elevations, as well as sections, read correctly, so we have chosen to override the schedule instead of making the door units without sills.
Have you tried listing all the various height and sill height fields to see if there is one that is what you want?
This image is from 18 (all I have open at the moment) so newer versions will be the same or possibly have more options.