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By Matthew Lohden
There has been a discussion going on here about how useful it would be to be able to schedule labels.

To my surprise I could find nothing about this here in the wish list.

Some pertinent entries:
Geoff Briggs wrote:Another benefit of scheduling labels is the ability to run calculations within the label object. Since the IS cannot (currently) do anything with the values it spits out (other than summing columns) calcs could be performed in the label script then reported in the IS.
vfrontiers wrote:3. I am still pushing for the ability to schedule LABEL OBJECTS... I see this [still, for the past 5years] as an IDEAL way to provide more "buckets" for information to stuffed into the BIM file. If GS can see the benefit of scheduling object components, then please don't leave out LABELS.
Of course there is also the long standing wish to schedule the labels that appear on a layout as this would make keynoting much more feasible.
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By phubbell
With a little down time on my hands, I started getting interested in doing keynotes to standardize my construction documents. I thought the best way would be to work directly in ArchiCAD using schedules. I could make a label object and have the schedule read it. Then I'd have the ability to make required changes within ArchiCAD without using Excel.

If a label is just a special condition of an object, why can't the schedule find them? For that matter, why hasn't graphisoft provided a keynote tool with interactive schedules to manage them? This would have been an easy and useful thing to add to AC14 which really needs more new features.
By JaseBee
For me this wish would be closely coupled with being able to schedule elements placed directly into sections/elevation/details ect. I would use this feature mostly as an auditing tool, as we don't typically do keynoting, to keep labels wording and details consistent across drawings and through project changes.

The benefits of scheduling labels would be severely limited if it couldn't include the labels placed outside the floor plan.
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By Tim Ball
I don't know if it helps, but I have been using 2D objects for some time now as maybe what you ,mean by keynotes. I use it when I don't have an element or object I can label.

Say you want to add a note about some work that is not easy to define as an element or object, you can place a 2D object either in the plan or on an elevation and section. That object has an Id and you can add data to it, including properties. You can then access that using the Classification and Properties Label and choose which data to show on any drawing.

I tend to find or draw a suitable graphic icon and save that as an object. So demolition items use a hammer icon for instance.
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By Tomek Piatek
I've just run into a problem that I though I was going to solve in an elegant fashion by scheduling labels alas my efforts have been cut short by lack of functionality.

I was trying to create a schedule of all labels that have the text "TODO" in them. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that? You could then click on a row in the schedule and quickly navigate to the object it is linked to. It would be a great way for iteratively refining annotations. Unfortunately it is not possible to schedule label object in ArchiCAD. I wish this was possible.
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By ejrolon

We don't need to schedule labels that is not the correct or efficient way to use AC (or BIM) that is why we have Properties. This one has the same answer that Barry gave you in this post viewtopic.php?f=26&t=66291&p=301427#p301427

Besides that there exist workarounds to do this which were used before Properties were introduced and that is to use an "Object Label" for those cases (either the Multi Leader Label or download one from This is the same as what Tim wrote above but it is NOT recommended.

As a new user try to keep an open mind about having to evolve your workflows. AC is designed to avoid using "dumb" labels. In most uses it will work, there might be some exceptions but IME they would be a very small percentage.