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By phubbell
Relatively simple calculations would be nice. Basic math: add, subtract, multiply and divide.

ArchiCAD does some of this for us, but it would be nice to have more capability. For instance, we know the R value of the walls and how many square feet of wall we have. With some more math we could calculate heat loss in the building. This could also be useful for estimating.
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By LaszloNagy
Do you know that you can save a Schedule as an Excel file?
Then you can have all the spreadsheet capabilities there.

To me personally, having spreadsheet capabilities seems kind of out of scope for ArchiCAD. But others may see it differently.
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By phubbell
Yes. It would be better to have the capability in ArchiCAD. It gets confusing with importing exporting data. Remember plotmaker?

This could also become a robust foundation for a keynoting tool in ArchiCAD.
I recall that in AC9 (on Windows version), I could paste linked excel spreadsheets or linked word documents into a layout book. It was great, provided the links did not get lost (which happened often :(

Perhaps GS could re-look at a robust way of embedding them into AC.

We ended up using them for drawing lists, specifications, tables, etc. What was even better is that when we exported them, they exported as vector.

We now have resorted to using pdf's which is not great when exporting to other cad formats (they're not vector) and you're never sure they are the latest version.
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By Rob
I could paste linked excel spreadsheets or linked word documents into a layout book.
just a factual comment.
this was possible by using OLE (Object Linked and Embedded) Microsoft technology. However Microsoft had happily discontinued the support for this on Win some time ago (Microsoft did not ever port this technology to Mac so you could not do it there anyway).

It is a bit tricky to use containers like that because they are usually heavily platform dependant thus making them hard to maintain for 3rd party developers supporting both OSX and Win platforms.

anyway I fully agree that AC schedules should be able to address a basic spreadsheet functionality as you suggested.
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By phubbell
The basic spreadsheet capabilities I'm looking for shouldn't need outside support. In fact, it would be better if no outside programs were required. The goal would be to do as much within AC as possible before exporting.
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By vfrontiers
.... and if you've ever looked at VectorWorks... actually back 20years ago, when it was MiniCAD... could perform basic functions...

Should also calculate percentages for area data... (foot print as a percentage of lot size)...
By jameshart
I am making changes to the windows in our project today. I was just thinking how nice and easy it would be to write a spreadsheet formula that could double check a window's dimensions and alert us if there is some kind of code problem with the window that we need to resolve (maybe not wide enough for egress or not large enough to meet fresh air or natural light requirements, etc.) This formula could be built in to the window schedule in our template. I know these are code issues that we should always keep in mind, but Mondays happen, and every once in a while oversights or mistakes are made. It would be nice if the mistake could be caught while it's still easy to fix.

This is easy to do if I make the window schedule in Excel, but doing that would defeat the coordination benefits of BIM.

This is a simple example, but imagine what this feature could do! Essential: +1 vote from me.