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By ejrolon
Right now with AC20 and AC Properties you can create the schedule export to excel and do the calculation there and then reimport it back. It is not a live connection but it is moving int the right direction.
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By jfa_ra
This feature is so overdue! The additional features are fundamental and essential;
- Basic computation functions; Addition, Multiplication, etc.
- Basic prefixes and suffixes; SF, UNITS, etc.
- Summation columns
- The ability to position data in both rows AND columns!

All of the data already exist in the Zone object!

It is ludicrous to have to use excel to achieve the desired result. (It really makes the "i" in BiM very small!) The touted benefit of BIM is to be able to work with Live Data that Dynamically Updates AUTOMATICALLY.
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We absolutely agree with the previous comment (from one year ago!).

We had hoped that the new property expressions would allow us to avoid using excel, but after exploring a bit the new options why have realised how limited it is.
The new functionality is very welcome and offer new possibilities, but we really need to be able to make operations from more than one element and to be able to add cells vertically and horizontally and use formulas in a more flexible way.

Please keep trying to improve it!!

Thanks! We do appreciate the hard work anyway,
Carlos SR