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By owen
ArchiCAD 14 Reference Guide, page 645:

"Unlike the Section and Elevation tools, the Interior Elevation tool is used to create new viewpoints only; you cannot place a linked, reference-only IE marker."

WHY WHY WHY Graphisoft do you persist in delivering inconsistent, unfinished variations on the same tool???? :x :x

Did you not think anyone would EVER need to place an unlinked Interior Elevation marker? Section/Elevation/Detail/Worksheet can all do this ... why not the Interior Elevation tool?

do you actually have someone responsible for UI consistency? FFS .. its infuriating!



PS .. I trust this and the topic title conveys the wish clearly enough?
Screen shot 2010-08-25 at 3.12.57 PM.png
good catch Owen. This tool can be so infuriating.
sorry .. had to let of some steam.

Its just frustrating that we still need to place a 2D Interior Elevation object when all the other tools can now use the marker as a Source/Linked/Unlinked marker

someone at GS must have made the decision to not follow the functionality provided in all their other 'Drawing'-type tools .. can't see a reason from here
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By Jere
I voted essential for two reasons:

1. I just encountered the need to have a linked interior elevation marker and was surprised to find I couldn't do it.

2. I believe it is essential to have more consistency amongst related tools.
2019 - AC 23 and still not possible. C'mon GS, this seems to be a basic and easily fixed issue.

This is one of those issues I'm tired of making excuses for GS when asked by users. Just another workaround I have to teach.