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By LaszloNagy
The purpose of my wish is to be able to achieve any combination of visibility based on Renovation Filters.

Currently, we have 3 built-in Renovation Statuses in ARCHICAD: Existing, To be Demolished and New.

This system should be extended to include any number of custom phases such as Temporary 1, 2, 3, Phase 1, 2, 3, etc.
It is a simple step to be able to have as many Phases, but it would greatly improve renovation workflows.

(The other two big related items are: Reno Statuses for all element types and Skin-level Reno Statuses for Composites/Complex Profiles, but those are covered in other wishes.)
By adamsb
This is such a great idea for multiple phases within a project!
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A much needed function to enable phased development and/or different design options.
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By Gerald Hoffman
This is absolutely essential as stated already and is probably the easiest way for GS to implement alternative design iterations.

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By arqrivas
300% agree (can someone be 300% agree? I don't know but I'm agree) :lol:

And agree with the comments of the others, so I don't have to repeat them, there is a lot of power in the renovation filter that need to be exploded.
By toman311
I think if Graphisoft would simply allow the users to select more than one "Show On Renovation Filter", then we could achieve an endless combination. Instead of having the option to only put one check down, we should be able to put as many checks next to what we want to show.

Graphisoft is so close!!!
By jorgebeneitez
Definitely a good one! The perfect way indeed to work with design options as well. If you think about it could be just some kind of "custom property" and an associated filtering system...

Sounds easy :P
By cmm
I agree the Graphisoft needs to work on a more robust Renovation feature. The majority of my renovation work are residential projects that lie in flood zones. They do not conform to current flood requirements and we are limited to the amount of work that can be done. Therefore, I always have a "master comprehensive plan" followed by multiple phased drawings to obtain permits. I use Hotlinks to refer all phases back to the master plan. But, that requires separate plan files. It would be great to do it all within one project plan file. You can tweak layers, etc., but that can get confusing in a large multi-phased job.
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By Vasileios S.
I agree 100% on custom renovation statuses, but not at all for using them as phases (see link in the end of the post). Up until now, I needed one more reno status, and this is "To be moved". I made a house renovation and some radiators were removed from the site and put back in different places when other works were done. Thus, they could not fit neither in "To be demolished" status nor in "New".

As for the phases that Laszlo mentioned, I think it is a different thing of renovation statuses. We need a timeline for this. Think of a multi story building. At Time-1, there are elements being demolished on Groundfloor. At Time-2, there are elements being demolished on 1st Floor and other ones constructed on Ground floor. At Time-3, there are elements being demolished on 2nd Floor and other ones constructed on 1st Floor and so on... This is why I made a wish here: