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manual override of elements to view (like revit)

Can't hurt, I would use it
Not needed

Maybe I shouldn't be so negative about it since I haven't worked with hidden elements in Revit so I don't know all the positives and negatives. But if you really need to "hide" elements and don't like the idea of having one or two extra layers for some reason, there is a way of doing it in Archicad even today.

You can create your own Renovation Filter, for example called "Show with Hidden Elements", select the elements you want to "hide", click on the button "Show on current Current Renovation Filter only" in the Renovation Palette and then it's going to be hidden on every other Renovation Filter.

I know the Renovation Filters were not meant to be used for that, but it would do the same as an extra "Hide" function.

But I still think it's much easier and more natural for the "standard" workflow just to create an extra layer. "Hiding" elements creates a potential source of troubles later in the project or when someone else takes over your work. Also, it doesn't sound like it would have to be too many new layers for the first example you gave. And as for the second example, I'm not sure if I quite understand your problem.
For CoryM's first example, the sun ignoring cutting planes and marquees would solve that. Still having correct shadows when marqueeing would do wonders.
I personally never liked the individual hide option in Revit, but i understand the situations for which it might be useful in Archicad models. Maybe a temporary hide option that resets if you change views or tabs? or a global override for hiding/unhiding that goes one level above the layer combinations (so if you mess everything up for hiding too many objects on different layer combinations you can easily go back to your initial state)?

As of now, I try to solve this within the software workflow with layer combinations and clonned folders for different visibility situations, but i dont work on big projects. All this rises the question of how many layer combinations and how many layers are too many.
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