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Should we have the ability to lock property values?

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By LGreen
Property Expressions need to be lockable to prevent or inhibit custom values.

As it is property expressions are far too easy to accidentally create a custom value and break the link to the expression. For example, I've set up a property to show the Height and Width of openings which is then shown in a schedule. Simple enough. However a user can accidentally select the cell, hit space, and it becomes a custom value that no longer changes if the opening is resized. Thus we can't be 100% confident the values are correct and require a separate QA schedule to check if there are any custom values.

Ideally either the property should be lockable, or if selected, a warning should pop up if a user edits the locked property.
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By Barry Kelly
I have added a poll so everyone can vote.
Don't forget to add your own vote.

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By LaszloNagy
Yes, I think this would be an important new capability. We should be able to lock/unlock Properties in the Property Settings Dialog. Also, in Teamwork Projects, the ability to do so should be Rule-based, so for example, only a Project Administrator could set or modify the Unlock state of Properties.
As a related wish, it would also be good to be able to see in Schedules whether a Property displays a custom value or not. Maybe it could be displayed in a different color if they are custom.