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By Stefhannes

sometimes I would kill for a key schedule feature like in Revit. I tried to mimic it with calculated properties,but unfortenately it is not possible :(
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By Aaron Bourgoin
Please post an example of what you are wanting to achieve. I don't know what a "key" schedule is.
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By gpowless
Central Innovation's CI Tools "Keynotes" add-on is my mainstay. I have tried other methods and addons but this has the most functionality. Check it out.

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By LaszloNagy
Stefhannes wrote: Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:59 pm HI,

sometimes I would kill for a key schedule feature like in Revit. I tried to mimic it with calculated properties,but unfortenately it is not possible :(

I looked at a Revit Key Schedule video:

I think it is possible to create something that would be similar to how a Key Schedule works in Revit. However, you would not specify the parameter values for the various "Keys" in your schedule. Instead, you would have to go to the Property Manager and use Expressions to set the values of the various Properties depending on the value of the 'Key" Property. I have not tried it just now, but I think if you do it like that, if you then change the value of the "Key" property in a schedule, the values of the Properties depending on the value of the "Key" Property should also update.
Of course, you will not have a table where you can define what Property values belong to what "Key" Property values, I don't have any ideas of how you could mimic that in Archicad.
By Stefhannes
HI Laszlo,
thank you for your answer, but I already tested this before I posted this wish of course...the major downfall of this method is, that in AC you are only be able to create "direct" dependencies. For example if Key Value = 01 than put "xy" in the other value....this is very unflexible and often times no real time saver

what I want to do, and therefore I posted this wish is this:

Goal of a Key Schedule:
the Goal is to define one Key Value, which is capable of controling several other values (properties).
For Example:
Key Value = Roomtype (Option Set: 01, 02, 03......)

With this Key Value you create a Key Schedule, where you define, which other values (properties) are associated with this key value
for Example
Roomtype 01 - Key-FloorCovering = Tiles (Option Set to choose from) - Key-WallCovering = Paint etc.
Roomtype 02 - Key-FloorCovering = Parquet....................

From now on, if a room gets the Property: Roomtype 01 for example, it instantly should know, what its Floor Covering etc. is.
If the key schedule changes anytime in the Project, the associated values will also be updated of course. You safe a huge ammount of time in a large project.

in Archicad - as I said - this is not possible!
You can define, that "if the roomtype = 01 than the FlooringType = Tiles" etc with an epic IFS expression though. but this honestly is a pain in the ass and very unflexible. (it is a direct aproach, where you have to define every value beforehand )

What I really wantto do is this:
Hey Room, just look in the key schedule here you find all the values you need for many of your properties like FloorCovering, WallCovering etc. etc. etc.
but unfortunately It is not possible to say:
if roomtype = 01, than put the Key-FloorCovering Value of the key schedule in the FloorCovering property of the room
(you can do it, but it wont work, because every room also gets the Key-FloorCovering Value and this will be the standard value of course....)

P.S. I Know the Cadimage Tools, they are great but it is not excactely what I want (and of course I want AC to do it, instead of a paid addon :-))

I stick with it: Please ArchiCAD developers, give me proper key scheduling :-) ( or at least a reasonable workaround)
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, I agree, there is no place in Archicad where you could do it in the simple way you do it in Revit.
By the way, you can vote in your own poll.