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By Olivier Gras
This is really a must, as you can't have as many files open as you have for combinations of modules, if you want to use them for design options.
By Keith JAW
I've been trying to edit 'in place' (in release 12), but with some strange results. If I 'save selection as a module', with the box ticked to convert the replace the selection with hotlinked module file, then that module is not really 'there'. If I try and copy it to another location, the copy goes somewhere other than where I place it, and next time I open the drawing my original module has disappeared off the face of the earth also. Something to do with the origin, I guess, but not really helpful if you want to edit the module in its original location.

Surely this behaviour isn't intended? Is it a bug? Is it fixed in Release 13?
By mzex
Why am I not able to edit module in place?
I have 10 modules, and when I take one, break connection and change it and than I rewrite original module, but archicad doesn't want to update other 9 modules. it notifies me that there is change in that module, but after update nothing is changing and that notification remains.
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By TMA_80
Just to bump this wish. it a kind of a feature ( or a feature enhancement ) that could help a lot of us , I think. Please GS
By Gergo Jankovics
I AGREE 'cause:

modules are generally project-specific

I suppose generally for non project-specific objects GDL-object is a good choice

actually I am using modules in hotel design, separate modules for different types of bathrooms and other modules for the rest of the room. (In an other hotel project these modules wouldn't be used.)
A chair in the room is a GDL-object, this can be used in any other project...

Problem with external module-files:
all the attributes (layers, layer combinations, pens, materials, layered structures, etc.) AND saved views (for different scales and floor plan, ceiling plan, etc.) need to be created identically in each separate module files and in the mother-file too, where these modules are placed.

Solution proposed:
Module file should be incorporated in project file (PLN), as all attributes and saved views should be in common in modules and the "mother" where they are placed.
In my experience s module files doesn't contain a huge amount of data. It's value is in multiplication of a smaller unit.

Best wishes for all of you,
By t_and

So far no solutions to this wish? I really feel like in the 80's without being able to edit a block/symbol/module in place :S