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Improvement of EcoDesigner could help architects reduce the 40% of GHGs attributed to Architecture

Improvement of EcoDesigner is a must for Architects because we need better BEM/Design Optimization Tools
Envelope Design should be left to Engineers and Envelope Consultants
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Currently EcoDesigner exports the Energy Evaluation performed to PHPP 9.6, but export is partial, and some values are calculated differently in Archicad/ED than what PHPP requires. This could be a quick fix/addition requiring few resources on Graphisoft's part. Development of a guide or even a PHPP wizard as a step-wise process in ED would really help a user ensure they have considered everything PHPP is looking for (ie all vertical and lateral thermal bridges) - the workflow is already possible - it is just incomplete. It would be AMAZING to have export parity to PHPP - allowing design optimization right inside ArchiCad, review with EcoDesigner, and finally, export to PHPP for confirming/checking the design and results, and for certification/compliance means. Passive House is the only truly international Energy Standard. For more info or background, you can see the blog I wrote on this subject here: ... ive-house/
Dear Andy,

Thank you very much for your time and effort in creating the article! The knowledge in this blog would be extremely valuable, even for us! We truly appreciate that!

Although Ecodesigner still has its own quirks, I hope that we'll be able to further enhance its functionality in the near future. Your request has been entered into our Wish List database as #12869.

Thank you once again, and have a great day!

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