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How important is this feature to your Layer Management?

Essential for keeping layers orderly
Likely very helpful with multiple users
Not Needed, I would not utilize it
By 4hotshoes
To aid in the office standard and integration to the workflow of Archicad, I would like to suggest that each Layer Name, which has an extension, would also have a "note" section that could pop out like a help box if selected. This "note" box could hold information about the proper use of the layer. This would allow the BIM Manager to integrate standards in the App. Or there could be a general Help button that allows you to link a text file that explains the layer scheme. This is especially useful for new users or the occasional user.
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By runxel
All about the layers like they are could be improved.
But will GS finally do anything about them?

Even the topic of "folders" could be somewhat resolved, if only the existing layer extension would be less of a burden and more of a help.
Why can't the layers in the tools be sorted and grouped by extension?