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We spend so much time reserving and releasing elements and settings etc.. This alone possibly takes up 1/3 of our drafting time. It also causes some funny behavior, like today when I couldn't change the windows until I reserved all since reserving the walls and windows alone didn't work. I couldn't get the windows to become "un-grayed".

I wish we didn't have to do this. If "reserving" is valuable for large projects with many users, maybe this method of working could be turned off and on depending on how we wanted to use the program. I've heard that Revit doesn't have this "reserve elements" trait but I don't know because I don't use Revit.
I was just thinking the same thing if there was an option like a tickbox that had an auto-grant feature, it would be great, we work in a team of 7-8 and we all trust each other to to be able to make changes, so this feature would be greatly used in our practice. with regards to someone changing or reserving the object you happen to be working on at the time the auto-grant could be on a timer where it would autogrant after you haven't modified that particular after say 5 minutes, but would revert to normal grant request in these 5 minutes. i think this would seriously improve workflow. Revit doesn't have a reserve function but it has a horrible - everyone do what they want and then it tries to sort of mash all those changes together making decisions about whose changes take priority which is a bit dangerous really.
Gus wrote:... I've heard that Revit doesn't have this "reserve elements" trait but I don't know because I don't use Revit.
I've made the shift from Revit to AC this year and in my opinion Revit handles this issue far more efficiently and effectively. In Revit, multiple users can't change the same element as it will know if an element has been altered by another user (and not synchronised to your file). In effect, it is assuming a reservation of the element upon editing.

I would like to see AC do this^: automatically reserve whenever an element/object is selected to edit (i.e. would have to occur after the initial selection; upon selecting an edit function or setting etc).

So what is needed is a project where everybody has the ability to edit everything all-time (like in a PLN) and the fact of editing it "makes" the reservation in a background process.... kind of a reverse approach to what is already present.