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By philips

Make option to save 3D model in FBX format

FBX is the gate for working with 3dsMax.
3DS format is outdated, DWG format exports triangulates and FBX (and DWG) can be "linked" into 3DSMax making workflow elastic and update'able.
I understand that Graphisoft pushes towards Cinema4d but on the other side wants to be OPEN.
If freeware Blender can export to FBX than propably Archicad could also.

Since I try to make vizualizations and need proxy grass and other models with milions of vertecs Archicad rendering engine is pretty much limited for me (althought useful in some aspects).

For some reason there wasn't a wish for this before.... so here it is.
For me this very important, seriously.
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By philips
This is no more needed.
The FBX export is already there under Save As when used from 3D window, and it works really well !
To find it you have to scroll down the available extensions list as it sometimes hides on the very bottom of the list.

Exporting from AC and updating models in 3DS Max is now a pleasure.

Thank you Graphisoft !
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By Barry Kelly
SKETCH3D wrote: Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:40 am Is this still an option, if so, which version of ArchiCAD and on what platform.
I'm running V22 on MacOS. To export direct to FBX would save me quite a process.
In 21 and 22 there should be an option from the 3D window to 'Save As' a Twinmotion FBX file.
Is that what you are looking for?

If it is not there then it may come from an add-on that needs to be installed - but I don't recall ever doing that.

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