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If this idea is taken into account it will give a significant improvement for archicad, imagine:

1-To draw a curtain wall panel in a module, to rotate on an axis (x) in the master file becomes possible in case of modification of the panel, when the module is updated the rotation on the axis (x) do not change

2-Put an object in a module placed the module, in the master file rotate on the axis (y) at the time of the update the object does not change rotation , this would allow for a large number of users who do not control the GDL to use the modules as a block on autocad

3-To draw a complex profile wall to save as a module to rotate on the axis (x) when making an update the complex profiler does not lose its rotation, this option will allow us to exploit the complex profiler information on a plane varied
" At the time of rotation on the axes (x, y) the walls and openings will switch to the 2d projected mode automatically "

The purpose of this option is to create a global structure of the module that is readable from any Rotation, as a GDL Object integrate the commands "ROTX, ROTY" but with all the usable information that an archicad element can give