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By abdelaziz
Hi :)

-it would be very useful for us to be able to define edges on the morph tool to calculate their length and retrieve them in a schedule, as in the shell tool

-if I quickly access information then I share more information on a given time

- often in the sketch phase the shape of the building and the urban details are not fixed, and often the economic criteria determine the Geometric form of each entity, in this phase of the project, the economic calculation is not precise, and it is done from a ratio, and often the ratios are calculated by linear meters.

- In the first image I have a profile that goes around the wall, irregularly "on several plan of construction" I modeled with the Option Tube but that I modeled it I did not have that the economist would ask the length of this profile in a planing so that he can estimate it

-on the second image, I have a series of spot suspended by cable, the person who installs these cables needs to know the total length of the cable for each version to give a quote

- I have a question for you, why have an option in the morph tool "pull / puch" and "tube" if I can not use the extrusion and path data in a schedule? :(
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By furtonb

For these kind of jobs, I would recommend you to complement your work with Rhino + Grasshopper.
You could create the extrusion/lines there, send it over as a morph with the live connection add-on, which already has the length stored as a property. The advantage would be, that you can create any kind of math in there.

Unfortunately I don't know an easy way natively in ARCHICAD, other than manually calculating the length.
You could use GDL, but judging by your screenshots, it wouldn't really worth the effort in my opinion.

I hope this helps.