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Hi All,

When using teamwork I think a 'reserve item' button on any dialogue box after you have selected an element such as a library part would be great.

It would save time as I often don't notice that I don't have an element reserved (greyed out OK button), then I make changes to the settings, then I have to exit the window and start all over again!

Often do this when in a rush.

Please make it so.


The power of Archicad's work ergonomics resides in its simplicity and in the bridges that archicad creates between an object and its edition without going through menus and submenus. I think that adding a second button to reserve an object (while it is already being edited) is not going in the right direction.
Working in teamwork works like a communal library : if you want to modify or print a book, you have to BEFORE booking it. A great Library cause you can put books into this library without permission ;)

This is an already working BIMcloud only feature - the Reservation Assistant (or so called "autoreserve" does the same thing - if you forgot to reserve an element prior editing it, ARCHICAD automatically reserves it for you.

As I said, it is BIMcloud only, which means, it requires BIMcloud User Licenses to be able to use.

Kind regards,