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Building Material Saved Schemes option

Yes, that would be awesome.
Good idea, but I never would use it in my way of working
No votes
No. Bad idea, too much complexity
I like to provide clients color and material options during the design phase. Giving the Building Material control box an option to save schemes or sets would be a great asset. I could have a single Building Material called "Exterior Trim" and then have it change surface colors with saved schemes or sets. kind of like Pen color sets.

A Building Material could change a fill (not that important to me), or its surface as defined in Surfaces Control box, and it could possibly change its intersection priority (Hmm). I am more interested in the color change for client presentation on the live model.
I appreciate the sentiment behind this, but I don’t think Building Material sets is the answer. To give it a different spin I don’t use pen sets, I have one set for pens and control my drawing appearance with GOs. Perhaps this is an option? Unfortunately I don’t think it would let you control the appearance of sub components e.g. door panels. Maybe GS could do a Surface Override tool...
4hotshoes wrote:I could have a single Building Material called "Exterior Trim"

I don't think its a good idea. Specially when you think about scheduling.
I agree with DGSketcher. The GO approach is the best solution for what you want.
And yes. GO should be effective in more elements within a project.
I think the option to control multiple Building Material Surfaces through GO would be great, and might be he better solution if set up correctly. But we need more consistency in the Window and Door tools in the way they assign surfaces to make this work. If I could create a GO for each color scheme, I would be very happy. I have tried this with only partial success.