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When merging an IFC, ArchiCAD generates new GUID. I would like to have the option to maintain the element’s original GUID, as when an IFC model is opened.

The purpose of this wish is to be able to add to the project, some elements of an IFC. For example, if I have a structural model, generated by my structural software, I can import it to ArchiCAD, so I can generate my constructive model. I can do that using the opening option, so that the GUID’s are equal in both models. After doing that, a modification of the geometry could be necessary, so I modify the structural model in my structural software, and then I need to adapt the model in ArchiCAD. It could be a good idea to merge some elements, but new GUID would be generated, so I can’t finally compare both models to guaranty that there are not inconsistencies.
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By LaszloNagy
Are you aware of these commands?:

File > Interoperability > IFC > Detect IFC Model Changes
File > Interoperability > IFC > Update with IFC Model

Is it possible that these commands would let you achieve what you are trying to do?
In the help files, you will find detailed information about how they work.
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Hi Laszlo!

Thanks, I am aware of those commands, but I don’t think they help… :?

I don’t know if I am explaining myself, or maybe there is a solution that I don’t see in what you are saying...

What I need, or at least I think I need, is to compare 2 IFC, one generated from ArchiCAD, and the other generated by my structural software, to be sure that the geometry is the same. Let’s suppose this:
- I analyse the structure in my structural software
- I create my ArchiCAD model from the structural software, completing and adapting it with all the things that my structural software does not permit me
- I share it with the architect
- He asks me to change the dimensions of a column, or to move it, for example
- I change the model in my structural software
- I need to change the ArchiCAD model as well

This situation of changes can take place several times

I would like to be sure that I don’t make mistakes. In order to be able to compare both IFC (one generated by ArchiCAD and the other by my structural software), GUID must be the same.

If I use the command “Update with IFC Model”, elements merge, so original GUID are lost, because new GUID are generated, so I won’t be able to compare the IFC in the future.

Also, command “Detect IFC Model Changes” is quite simple, in my opinion. It shows changes, but we can’t filter the type of change (geometry, properties), and I would need to see geometry changes. I don’t find it very easy to use, but even if I could use it, I need to have the same GUID.

Do I explain myself? :)
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By LaszloNagy

I cannot offer any further help than those two commands. So, this is indeed a wish.