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Has anyone downloaded the Additional Surface Catalog for AC21? How did you go about doing it? I seem to be having difficulty getting it to download. Wondering what I am missing in the process. I am on subscription.
Thanks- Greg
So you have clicked on the link in the surfaces setup dialogue?
That will take you to a web page where you can download the file.
If you are having trouble downloading it then try a different web browser.

If that is not it, where are you getting stuck?

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By Erwin Edel
Not sure about your localisation or INT version, but for the NL subscription the library with extra surfaces installs along with other libraries in the ArchiCAD folder, you just need to link it to your project (or in your template) to be included. The folder is called 'ArchiCAD premium surfaces', possibly with some text added to that.
Here is a Help Center article about loading the additional surface catalog for use. ... ssa-users/

Interesting that NL automatically installs it, Erwin. Seems easier that way, as I cannot tell that there is anything to enforce that the user is on an SSA contract (subscription).

PS to all: I'm moving this topic from the "Other Problems" forum to the "Rendering/Presenation" forum where it belongs.
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By Erwin Edel
We have a "keymember" subscription, which includes extra library parts, addons etc by our local reseller. This version, at least, install the premium surfaces right away.