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By darwinland
I am making a curved facade with tiles. I know the precise measurements of the tiles. I choose the default tile material of 15X15. If mines have 45x90, how can I change de dimensions of the exterior texture of archicad.
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By Erwin Edel
There are (ussually) 3 things to manipulate: texture for the 3D view in OpenGL, vectorial pattern for 2D views (elevation, section) and cinerender settings for photorendering.

You could stretch the 15x15 texture to be 45x90, but the grooves will not look so nice.

You can easily manipulate a 15x15 vectorial pattern to be 45x90.

The cinerender surface settings could be either a texture or it could be a procedural shader. Texture stretching is the same as with the 3D OpenGL one: grooves might not look good. Procedural shader should just adapt to look good when you change the 'Size' settings.

All that said, if you create a new surface from library (catalog), I think you will find there are rectangular tile presets to choose from that would look nicer when you upscale them to 45x90.
By darwinland
Could you specify how can I create the surface from the library.

In Surface Settings click 'New...', then you can pick 'New from Catalog', which will open a library manager-ish panel where you can click on Linked Libraries and then the ArchiCAD library.

You can either browse the folders or you can type some keywords in the search dialogue like 'brick' or 'tile' or 'blue' and you will get search results.

All these surfaces are optimised for Cinerender and ready to go, so I find it often easier to get, for example, grey tiles that look proportionally ok and then change them to be brown or something. Or create a brick surface and swap out the textures with textures I downloaded from manufacturer.
By darwinland