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By David Bearss
I have windows set to transparent and am using the default Cinerender Daylight settings. However they are quite foggy. I have had success before but have not rendered in awhile. I transferred settings over from a previous project that worked well but got same results. Any advice would be much appreciated.
By darwinland
Tray to lower the value of Ray threshold in options in render set up. Try with 1.
By alemanda
First try to use a preset rendering settings (even the fast daylight) to understand what causes the problem.
Then I would check the material's rendering settings
If it is ok I would pass to your saved settings and I would check what channels are rendered (transparency, refraction , reflections, alpha, etc).
Let us know what you find
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By David Bearss
Finally getting back to this. Even in fast daylight mode glass is not clear. Works fine with sketch. will fiddle around some more.
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By Erwin Edel
Check the settings for the surface in cinerender engine. Sketch engine uses internal engine settings for transparancy.