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Carstenem wrote:
Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:36 am
On windows 7 right click on the 3D tab and choose the set windows size will undock the 3D window just as on a Mac.

Or right click anywhere in the 3D window and choose 'Set window size'.
The 'undock' command for any window in Windows OS is the button between the minimise and maximise buttons.
There is no need to undock first, just 'Set window size' as Carsten pointed out.

undock.jpg (5.41 KiB) Viewed 841 times
I see, right clicking in the view and changing size works. Previously I tried undocking and clicking on the top bar, and selecting "Size" which did nothing, I guess thats a built in windows function and not an AC one. Using the other worked, and is a kind of workaround for rendering on multiple computers. Thanks for the help (but fix this Graphisoft!)