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Just chiming in here.

I've had this issue on AC20 for a while now. I don't think it's a ram issue, I've got plenty and it happened one day out of the blue, then started a few month later on my laptop.

I've been getting around it by hitting render (getting failed render) then as quickly as possible re-rendering. It seems cinerender takes too long to start but once it's running you can jump on the back of that last startup.

Personally I think due to a win 10 update, hence the delay of the issue between devices. Re-install of software should fix the issue, but this workaround works for me at the moment.
Hi everyone,

I know this is an odd solution - I can't explain why it worked, but for me it did and maybe it'll help someone else out too.

I kept getting the same "cineRender by Maxon add-on unexpectedly closed" error message, and tried EVERY suggested solution I could find (including totally uninstalling and Archicad and re-installing) and nothing worked.

But then I had a weird idea and....

....I turned my VPN off.

Voila! It started working working immediately and has worked ever since!

Hope this helps save someone else from going through what I went through today!