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By grejxx

I"ve spent the last 5 or so years struggling with Archicads 3D window (non rendered) image quality and finally came across something that now makes a huge difference.

Very simple. When publishing / exporting out any 3D image, you must ensure you do this from your primary high-resolution device screen, NOT a secondary low res plug-in screen. For whatever reason, Archicad exports these images accordingly to the quality of your screen itself?? I didn't realise this and haven't had much luck getting technicians to provide this useful info.

We work on macs, and have secondary screens that are usually very poor quality. Each time I export with Archicad opened in this screen, my images are degraded vs doing so from my mac screen. See the export screen information attached - same publishing settings and images done from different screens.

Most people suggest to undock the 3D window screen from main window and maximise to full extents. This helps only in a small way. Had this issue since Archicad 20 or so.

Publish_LowScreen_Resolution.png (25.44 KiB) Viewed 187 times
Publish_HighScreen_Resolution.png (176.82 KiB) Viewed 187 times
Hi Grejxx,

Thanks for posting this. I have also struggled with this and have never been overly happy with the resolution I could get out. I will definitely try this next time.

I was looking at the images you attached and was going to say - of course they are different quality, they are simply screen captures from different screens! :roll:

But then I noticed the file size of the published drawings in the list is different.
Great catch! :D

Perspectives from the internal engine are rendered at what ever the 3D window resolution is. If it is docked, then the resolution matches the workspace minus toolbars.

See this thread for more information.

There was a MAC related issue with this and I am not sure if it has since been addressed.