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Producing imagery with Archicad or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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By Thomas Holm
On the contrary, I find it encouraging that both these posts have got direct answers from Epic developers. And it's also a positive sign that they're developing a Datasmith link for Archicad, since there is one for Revit already.

My only issue with this is that if Epic are thinking that Graphisoft are planning to severe their support for Twinmotion, I guess Epic will stop working on it too.

From what I've seen, Redshift looks lika a very substantial upgrade if it's replacing Cinerender, and I don't doubt that it's rendering speed is adequate. But for my workflow, Twinmotions speed isn't just about the rendering. It's also that Twinmotion's vegetation tools and assets (trees etc) are so quick and easy to work with.

While its asset library is quite limited, the ease of working with it makes it ideal for my use, quick visualisations for clients. The tools in combination with render speed gives me time to tweak the images in a way that's practically impossible with Cinerender.

So I worry that Graphisoft don't understand this, and by implementing Redshift in the same complex way they've done with Cinerender, make it unusable for me, while at the same time killing the link with Twinmotion.
I hope I'm wrong. (I guess I'm too old anyway...)
mikas wrote: Thu Jul 15, 2021 7:44 pm I don't feel very confindent about TwinMotion rigth now.. ... uage=en_US ... uage=en_US

But we are early on with this I think. Let's calm down and wait for a moment. I would like to see alternatives even though RedShift seems a competent defender to all the others. We need some choice.

Sorry a little OffTopic.
By DGSketcher
You guys might like to take a look at this specs page... ... quirements. My 2 year old iMac with Radeon Pro 580X 8Gb doesn't make the cut. :(

If Maxon have halted other product development, such a high benchmark will raise questions about what we are supposed to use in AC if 95% of hardware isn't fast enough for Redshift. Is Maxon being ring fenced by Nemetshek as a high end render developer and they will only deliver OEM basic render code for use in AC, if you want Redshift you will need to pay Maxon for it.? Sounds a bit similar to the TM strategy.
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By Steve Jepson
For me, the ability to import the geometry of the ArchiCAD model to a Rendering program of my choice is worth more than whatever rendering engine happens to come with ArchiCAD.
However, we are never going to pay less to use ArchiCAD without a rendering engine anyway. GRAPHISOFT is not trying to reduce the cost of using their program - they are only looking for ways to validate an increase in how much they can charge us to use the program. But still, this is certainly the best program of its kind that I know about, and I enjoy using it very much.
By Brett Brown
Steve Jepson wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:15 pm However, we are never going to pay less to use ArchiCAD without a rendering engine anyway.
Thats exactly what the SOLO version is and without everything to do with Teamwork.
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By Carstenem
I like to some feedback in regards to Redshift or any other render Software from a professional point of view. As a 3D Visualisation Artist for good 20 years that might be helpful.
There are now days many good render engine out there but all of them have something in common, they still need to be operated by the user. This is the key point to any render engine. Most of you know vray and Corona are the most widely used engines by professionals but even they don’t have a “magic button” to produce amazing renders. I am on many forums and not one week goes by without someone asking to please share the render settings. Render settings by themselves are useless and I tell you why.

Every image is different in regards to the camera, the light, the textures, the model, etc. A good example is an interior render. If you have an interior with mostly darker colors/materials/textures and we share the settings for this render to someone who likes to have an internal view with mostly lighter colors materials, then the scene will be too light, most likely washed out. This is because the light bounces around much further and stronger then with darker colors/materials.
Your room might have more or less windows, or different day light, again this will influence the settings needed in render engines. I think you get the point about sharing settings just something I wanted to clear up.

As you can see it comes down to knowledge on how not just to use any render engine but the 3 key elements of a great visual which are, the 3D model, the textures and the scene lighting. This means the render engine only counts for 33% of your final image, interesting isn’t it?

Twinmotion, all this above counts of course for Twnimotion too. It is a very powerful engine and used right the images produced are pretty good. On top of this it will render way faster than vray, Corona, Redshift, etc ever can. This is even more important when you produce videos.

Yes the quality might not be as high as vray or Corona but if you look at some of the examples below Twinmotion can produce images and videos than are more than satisfactory for most of your clients.

On another note I saw someone is concerned about the direct link in AC25. Direct links are nice but I only use fbx exports, they are much more flexible and only take a couple more clicks even when updating a model or models.

I will be releasing a Twinmotion course for Interior Designer and Architects next month in which I show how to push Twinmotion to the limits. A lot of this course you can actually implement with any other render engine too which is quite helpful.

The two images you see below are raw renders from Twinmotion apart from the background image I have added behind the glass, like a photomontage. Yes no alpha channel in TM so I had to create a fake one which is quite easy to to, if you know how :) The video again raw TM export no post.

Cheers Carsten

Video example teaser:
Interior Photomontage Example 1.jpg
Interior Photomontage Example 1.jpg (273.32 KiB) Viewed 185 times
Interior Photomontage Example 2.jpg
Interior Photomontage Example 2.jpg (253.19 KiB) Viewed 185 times
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By Thomas Holm
Thanks for your valuable input, Carsten!
But I'm still missing any info from Graphisoft regarding their plans for Redshift. How come only Australians are blessed? :wink:
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By Barry Kelly
Carstenem wrote: Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:06 pm Yes I only found out through reading some posts that it seems only the Aussies have Redshift at the moment, kind of strange.

As far as I know we don't actually have it yet.
Just that it was mentioned in the AUS Archicad launch webinar as a future update.

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By Thomas Holm
What I'm a little envious about is that only Aussies are trusted enough to get this info. :shock:
I want the information too!
Barry Kelly wrote: Mon Jul 26, 2021 2:34 am As far as I know we don't actually have it yet.
Just that it was mentioned in the AUS Archicad launch webinar as a future update.