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By quiet mike
WOW! Outstanding work 8)

I popped in here to post up a recent CGI I had done ... I think I'll leave it for a bit now. :lol:
By quiet mike
This reminded me of an exercise I did last year. We have worked with a travel guide publisher for over 10 years now, producing both traditional watercolours and digital vector artworks. This artwork was planned to be a watercolour, but they wanted to see how it would look if done as a CGI. This is as far as I got before they pulled the plug on it.

Just from spending a few days producing this basic model, I have so much respect for the the effort and work that has gone into yours.
kings cgi sample draft 2.jpg
By quiet mike
But it did lead on to this cut away artwork of the Alhambra Palace
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By junior
@quiet mike:
Fantastic! What version of ArchiCAD did you use to model the cathedral? Were any add-ons/plug-ins used ...e.g. Objective?

Thanks for sharing :D
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By David Collins
quiet mike wrote:This reminded me of an exercise I did last year....
Very Nice! I think the creation of computer models of historic structures should be part of every architectural student's education. Its amazing what you learn doing these things, because you're actually building the thing from the ground up at full scale. It would be completely obvious that those huge windows at the King's Bollege Bambridge Chapel (weren't we doing Pythonisms somewhere else here recently?) are only made possible by the massive buttresses. Laying down the foundations to those buttresses at full scale gives you a tremendous sense of the loading forces involved, as well as tremendous respect for the original mastermasons.
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By David Collins
Rakela Raul wrote:whats the file size ?? ...
The Fenchurch project file was 8.8 MB, but considering that a single line of GDL (like SPHERE with RESOL 500) can generate a buzillion triangles, file sizes can be deceptive in a project like this. The object library weighed in at 96.3 MB, which doesn't seem bad when compared to the ArchiCAD library at 200 MB, but the Fenchurch model used every friggin' object in it's library.

A better indication of the model's complexity would be the triangle count in Artlantis, which came out to a total of 8,657,363 triangles. Not too long into the design development it became impossible to load the full model into ArchiCad's 3d window, but careful layer management made it fairly simple to load just what I needed to do the work at hand.

Likewise, in Artlantis I never had to load the full model for any of the renders. Individual layers were exported from ArchiCAD and then loaded one at a time into Artlantis as needed for each view. With the PC memory ceiling of 3.25 usable GBs, the most triangles I ever could get to fly in Artlantis was around 3 million, but this was mainly because of the real elephant in the room: the large bitmap textures which were draining away huge amounts of memory in both ArchiCAD and Artlantis.

The full texture map library contained around 600 images for a total of about 380 MB. Most of the bitmaps had to be large, partly in order to mask obvious repetition, but primarily to accommodate the fine detail required in nearby surfaces in the VR panoramas. In the end I created three identical texture map folders with small, medium and high files sizes for low, medium and high resolutions. In ArchiCAD I always used the low resolution folder, but each VR view in Artlantis had a special dedicated texture library which used the high and medium resolution bitmaps for detailed surfaces close to the viewer.
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By David Maudlin
David Collins wrote:A better indication of the model's complexity would be the triangle count in Artlantis, which came out to a total of 8,657,363 triangles.

Did you try the PolyCount Add-On (Polygon Counting Tool) in ArchiCAD?

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By David Collins
David Maudlin wrote: Did you try the PolyCount Add-On (Polygon Counting Tool) in ArchiCAD?
When I first started counting polygons on this project, back in 2007, the PolyCount add-on was giving me a significantly lower number of polygons than what Artlantis was reporting for the exact same model. It may be that "polygons" and "triangles" are not quite the same thing. In any case, since I was primarily interested in what Artlantis thought of the project, I stoppped asking ArchiCAD about it.

Edit: Out of curiosity, I just now reloaded the Polycount add-on. It gives me 48,407 polygons for a test model in ArchiCAD. Artlantis reports 113,270 triangles for the same model exported from ArchiCAD. Perhaps the ArchiCAD model gets exploded somehow on its way into Artlantis?
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