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*** This is a bit of an emergency as I have a school presentation tomorrow and I am unable to export my images correctly at the moment. ***

How do I create a 3D view that isn't terribly low resolution?

I keep running into this (I'm using AC21 but it was the same in 20). My 3D views look fine but when I want to export a 3D view (usually it's a bird's eye axonometric view with shadows on) and I place it on a sheet, it looks very low resolution - thick, choppy linework.

I use OpenGL for the 3D view but Vectorial also appears choppy, even before I put it on a sheet or save the view. It's so low-res that it is higher-resolution for me to just take a screenshot than it is to export as an image or PDF.

Is this a limitation placed on the Education version of Archicad? Or am I doing something wrong? I didn't have this issue using Archicad in an architecture office.

Very frustrating how unintuitive it is to fix something that should be very simple - exporting a PDF or image at a reasonable resolution. It's issues like this that are making me consider switching back to Revit. Any help would be appreciated.