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By Carstenem
Yes a Corona bridge would be nice. As this is a WIP it makes more sense now as some textures are not yet finalized :) I am sure the final versions will look amazing, looking forward to see them !
By Bricklyne Clarence
Hi guys,...

Just a little update to this thread.
As I indicated these images were done with Corona renderer - that would be Corona for 3ds Max.

So for those that may not be aware or who may not already know, the Corona renderer Development team were working on a plugin for direct render from ArchiCAD, and they just announced this morning that they have a public Alpha version ready and available for download and testing and they would really appreciate any feedback the ArchiCAD community can give them on it.

It's a really thorough alpha version (the most thorough I've ever seen, and even more polished than some final releases of some software I've encountered), and has a lot of features already, although it's worth mentioning (and warning) that since it is an alpha version after all, some bugs might be encountered, which if you do encounter any, let them know as this will help them clear it up.

The thread discussing it is here:-

And the plugin can be downloaded from here (you have to register to their forum first):-

Just an additional note:-
They currently only have the PC/Windows version but have indicated in their forum that a Mac version is high on their list of requests.
They also have working versions for ArchiCAD versions 20-22, and EXPERIMENTAL versions for ArchiCAD versions 18-19.

KNowledge of their 3ds Max version is helpful but not necessary as Corona is generally an easy-to-use and learn renderer and pretty straight-forward and the ArchiCAD intergration was done really nicely (from what I can see so far.
By Bricklyne Clarence
More info pages including tutorials:- ... QtKL5mm3Fg

Feedback and feature requests:-

Oh, and I forgot to add that it's free to download and test since it's an alpha version and they're only interested in bug-testing at the moment.

So I would jump on the opportunity if I were you.
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By ejrolon
Thanks BC,

Though lack of a Mac version means that it will be more difficult for me to test.
By Bricklyne Clarence
ejrolon wrote:
Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:04 pm
Thanks BC,

Though lack of a Mac version means that it will be more difficult for me to test.

I know and it's unfortunate.
But they mentioned in their forum that a Mac version is high on their priority list of things to get done.

Their development process is contingent on their resources and who they have available, so if you happen to know any Mac developers familiar with ArchiCAD's API and who might be interested in working with them, let them know as they are always hiring and it's worth noting that the only reason we got an ArchiCAD(for PC) version at all is because some of their current developers are familiar with ArchiCAD (and I imagine are ArchiCAD users themselves).
To put it in perspective, they currently have no plans to develop a Revit plugin despite it's greater usage (at least here in North America), because ( I would guess) they don't have any developers who are Revit users or familiar with it.

Just goes to show how useful it sometimes is to have many ArchiCAD users out there or just people familiar with ArchiCAD.