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Hi Everyone, Hope you're all doing great.
I'm having big trouble with CineRender. Everything was going well (really great renderings) until when starting a rendering it never got out of preparing mode and locked up. Only way to get out when it locks up is to
force a shutdown or close with task manager. This first started happening in AC 20 a couple of days ago so
I went ahead and unwrapped AC 22 and tried this job there with success a couple of times and then it started doing the same thing. I added some lighting to the model and also some railings. Thought this may be too much so I started changing the size by lowering the pixels count many times and am now down to 800 x 450
no luck with this. I do not want to have to start removing lighting and the railings have to be there.
Does anyone know of something I can try to fix this problem? The last good rendering of this house took
around 3 hours to complete and I don't mind the wait. Must be able to produce the renderings though.

I'm uploading the last rendering I was able to create of this house. It's not finished though and still has quite a way to go, which unfortunately means adding more of everything. Lights, railing, art work, etc.

Is there a CineRender Pro upgrade that can handle the extra load of a complex model?

Thank you very much for any help on this problem!

Best regards to all,

Zero ridge ac22 5 - Picture1b.jpg
Okay - I fixed this problem. Here is what it was and how I fixed it.
In order to get a realistic looking light cove, one that looks like LED rope light hidden in the cove above
our options in AC are pretty much confined to the light bar. Okay, good we have something that will
work, however if you stretch the light bar out the length of your cove lets say 30' long you'll get hot
spots at each end - if you try spreading (10) 3' long light bars to fill the distance it's better only with
20 hot spots along the distance. If you make a light bar that's 1" long and spread it out at 1.5" o.c.
You will get 240 hot spots that are so close together that there not hot spots any more and become more
like a uniform light distribution. I had these at 3" o.c. and had quite a few light coves which added up to
something in the order of maybe 2000 feet +/- of rope light. This is what CineRender didn't like!
I went back into the model and re distributed my 1" long bar lights lights at 4.5" o.c. effectively reducing the number of bar lights by a third and now I'm back up and running without giving up too much in quality.
See attached jpg (I'll have to add later when it's done usually takes about 3 hours)

Happy Rendering to all,

I use a surface with illuminance on to achieve what you are looking for, gives nice even glow, is visible in renders and does not take too much time to compute. Look at the YouTube cinerender tutorials for info on how to use.