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Producing imagery with Archicad or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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Hello, I are doing tests using different materials on a complex model with multiple hotlinks. The method I am using is to put a material say "bottom story wall" on the bottom story of all the hotlinked files, and then change then in a bigger file use graphic override to select all material that is "bottom story wall" and use the surface "red brick" instead, or another one that used "yellow brick". This works very well for the most part, allowing me to quickly view and change the surface for many building in different ways.

However, I would also like to change the color of the window frames, or door blades and am not able to do it in this way. If I do a graphic override that filters out everything that uses the surface "window frame", it does not detect the part of the window that does in fact use this surface. I can make it filter out the windows itself, but if I then change the surface the whole window gets this surface, glass and handles and everything.

This is a very specific question but maybe someone else has some input that could be useful, or at least find this technique to be interesting for future use.
Can we have a poll about this? Not sure how to do that. I have run into the same thing. The lack of ability to control the separate fills / lines of the different materials in a complex profile kills the use of them in certain situations. A simple example for me would be a complex profile showing a concrete wall with a footing. In plan view, I want the wall to have solid edges with a concrete fill but the footing edges would have a dashed line. Using a complex profile for this construction saves a lot of time but the representation on a plan view doesn't work. Complex profiles are extremely powerful but have this built in limitation which puts a real limit on their use.
KrisM wrote:
Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:56 pm
Can we have a poll about this? Not sure how to do that.
Go to the correct WISHES section and create a new post (try to make sure there is not a similar existing wish already).
When creating the new post, be sure to go to the "Create Poll" tab and set that up too.