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By Endless_Gu
Please, team, help! Have one model created, but can not make a visualization - it stops on 22.09% of rendering in any PC (no matter that config each PC have - on each process stops on 22.09%). How it is possible to check this model for any bugs? Using process - Cine Render (18.044/18.011)
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By Barry Kelly
Please don't just post in 'Archicad+' section.
Choose an appropriate section of the forum that relates to your problem.
I have moved this post.

I would try changing your rendering settings - try using a quicker(simpler) scheme.

Or turn all of your layers off and turn them on a few at a time and try rendering.
I am guessing that there may be a corrupt object or element (mesh or morph) that may be stopping the process.
This might help you narrow down to what might be causing the problem.

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By sboydturner
What are the specs of your computer? I find I need 32G of RAM to process render with lots of lights, reflections and transparency otherwise render just ‘stops’ as computer starts swapping to virtual memory (swapping to disk about 1000 times slower than RAM)

As Barry said try using simpler rendering settings or you may need to piece together the render over several passes / windows scott
By Endless_Gu
16 Gb RAM and Nvidia GT 630, core i7, win 7

Changing render settings is not recommented - user needs this set of settings.. :roll:

Is there any manuals - how to Clean model from elemnts are corrupted or "no-library"? May be reason in corrupted model?
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By Barry Kelly
Endless_Gu wrote:
Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:30 am
Changing render settings is not recommented - user needs this set of settings.. :roll:
Sure you want the best settings possible, but just try really simple settings and see what happens.
If that works then you might need to compromise somewhere between the simple and complex settings.

It could also be the settings in the surfaces you use.
They don't all need diffusion, luminance, transparency, environment, fog, displacement, grass, etc.
If many of your surfaces have all of these settings and your complex scheme is set to use these options then there will be a LOT more calculating going on when you try to render.