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I'm trying to render an interior image in archicad 22. The other day it worked fine (quality high), but I needed a slightly bigger picture so I started a new render session.

Then it turned out weird. It seems like it finishes after light calculations, with status "rendered". See uploaded picture.

Are there some settings I've made by mistake making it look like this? I've tried to change size/quality, and it seems like the picture renders on low, but nothing else.

Thanks for your help!
This type of rendering is indicative of a lack of brightness or a calculation time that is too low

Try to unlock the Cinerender advanced setting to allow adjustment of physical rendering parameters

You can also check the glazing parameters (transmission, rebound, etc. ...)

It looks like the rendering stopped after light calculations (or rather during). I think maybe it runs out of resources (RAM and/or CPU) when you try to render this bigger picture. What are the specs of your computer? Maybe if you install more ram into your computer, it could solve the problem?