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By Jeanie Bartholomew
I have a problem with a project in creating a rendering. Once I click PhotoRender Projection to render, the Picture created is entirely black
The confusing thing is it was rendering fine in AC19 before I updated to AC22.

So, i'm stumped. I have changed materials, changed settings to reduce memory. But it happened when updating to AC22.
Just updated the computer so rendering would be quicker with 16 GB of memory. and now rendering is no rendering. :?: at least for the moment until I solve this.

Anyone with a solution? or similar experience?
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By Jeanie Bartholomew
I did open the old file in AC19 and ran the rendering and it worked fine.
Reopened in AC 22 and it rendered just fine as well. So, don't know the problem. But I ruled out memory and the file.
Some settings may have changed inadvertently and still don't know the cause of a black screen.
Think I'll just go and amend the old file and try it again.