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By Aorlowska
I have a issue with lighting in my renders (Cinerender). When the render is processing it looks like the lighting is working but when render goes into last stage, the light is gone. The render is almost completely black, you can see a little bit of light on the object near the camera. I can’t find the problem. In render settings lamps and sun is turn on. I never had this problem in previous project or even this one. I did a couple renders before on this project (with really bad quality) and they were fine, I don’t think that I changed anything.

I would be really gratefully somebody could help me. It’s my college project
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By sboydturner
Some questions to ask to try and find the solution:
Have you tried turning up the power of the light?
Are you using real world illumination info or just a power factor? Are the settings high enough?
Is global illumination turned on?
Physical render? If so are the settings what you would set a camera to to take a photo in that situation (iso, shutter speed, aperture)?
How does the view show up in the other engines? Could you have the camera inside a wall or other structure?
Archicad version? Early implementation of Cinerender in Archicad had a bug where what you are experiencing occurred.

You can also turn up the power of all light sources in the Cinerender settings past 100%.