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By AnthonyM
Im fairly new to ArchiCAD and trying to render a model which includes a point cloud, when I try to use either the basic renderer or CineRender I cant get the point cloud to appear in the final rendered image. The point cloud is visible in the 3D window so cant understand what Im doing wrong. If anyone has any suggestions or advice would greatly appreciate it thanks!

Attached screenshot of the 3D window view
air con location.jpg
Screenshot of the ArchiCAD 3D window view
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By Barry Kelly
A point cloud is just that - a cloud of points.
The points do not have a surface so therefore can't render.

From the reference guide -
Point Clouds are not visible on any published output!
It is possible to convert the into a solid form.
I am sure there is an old post here about it somewhere.
If I can find it I will post the link.