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By KrisM
I think the implementation of Twinmotion and AC23 will be great but I find myself in a kind of no man's land. Epic Games has said that present owners of Twinmotion (purchased in 2019) will have their purchase price refunded. If you purchased in 2018, you will get a free upgrade to the paid version when it comes out. The AC23 announcement says we will get a free upgrade to Twinmotion if we are a user of AC23. So, I'm getting a free upgrade to something I already have a free upgrade for. Seems to me I'm losing out here. Anyone from Archicad have anything to say about this. I am quite sure that I am not the only one in this situation.
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By Lingwisyer
It is not really a loss as either way you are not needing to pay for the new version once it is released. If anything, the upgrade from 2018 sounds like a bonus independent of whether you are using AC or not.
By Bricklyne Clarence
I don't understand how you feel you're losing out.

You're getting refunded for something you already paid for, and you're going to get a free upgrade to the next version - which you presumably would have had to pay for,...... but not really since as an ArchiCAD v23 user (which I presume you'll be), you would have been getting it free anyway regardless.

What am I missing here?

Non-ArchiCAD users of Twinmotion (and presumably ArchiCAD users who won't upgrade to v23) will have to pay for the next version....which you will get for free.
I would imagine that it's THEY who would feel like they're losing out on something (but again,.....not really. No one promised anyone any free version software and even as an ArchiCAD 23 user, this is just a one-time promotion for both software that both companies are mutually benefiting from)
By KrisM
If I didn't use Archicad, I would get the free upgrade for Twinmotion as I have a copy I paid for. Since I do use Archicad I will get the free upgrade with AC23. Essentially I'm getting two free copies but I'm actually only getting one copy. Caught in the twilight zone.