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I am testing some new surfaces, particularly "3D printed" surfaces or textures on Archicad 19.
This particular one seems to register the normal and bump maps but instead of the texture direction to be straight up or down, it seems to distort it as shown in the image attached.

Does anyone have an idea of the cause to this problem?

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By Erwin Edel
Hard to tell, but it sort of looks like Moiré pattern.

What sort of pattern are you trying to bump? What is the 'space' setting for the bump?
Spacing is based on an image size for the normal map. I also discovered that the pattern changes its orientation as one revolves around the object. Meaning the more parallel I get to a face of the cube the straighter the "lines" seem to appear (as they should) and the distortion effect is minimized, almost eliminated.
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By Lingwisyer
Straight lines, definitely moire effect. Will occur when looking at any pattern that consists of relatively narrow spaced parallel lines.