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By Lingwisyer
Hi all,

Did they remove the ability to align roof textures? Or was this never possible on multiplanes?

Clicking anywhere when origin or orientation are active appears to be cancelling to action...

As far as I know it has never been possible with multi-plane roofs.

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By Erwin Edel
This is why I never use multiplane roofs. You can easily convert them to single plane roofs by right clicking.

If you merge them together, it all looks the same.
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By Lingwisyer
Just troublesome when it comes to modifying the eave overhangs...
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By Erwin Edel
Depending on the complexity of the roof, I suppose so. Ussually it's just edge offset for 3-4 roofs though :)

Connecting single plane roofs together is as simple as selecting one roof and clicking the edge of the other. The joints are automatically mitred when doing this.

I think the texture allignment was tied to the pivot lines for multiplane roofs. In some case you might get it to look good by over extending the pivot line for a gable.
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By Rex Maximilian
How to make an ArchiCAD roof:

1) Create multi-plane roof
2) Convert to individual planes
3) Edit to heart's content, align textures, enjoy life!

LOL! Sorry to be so tongue-in-cheek but the multi-plane roof is not very edit-friendly.