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By vivaescuela
When i start project rendering, smth go wrong and i get an error "not enought memory". I have 8 Gb RAM and over 200 Gb space HD, help me find the solution of this problem, please.
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By ejrolon
Please do not double post the same question.
There can be multiple factors for this error. 8Gb (HD space has nothing to do with this) is really the minimum amount for AC but the main ones:

1. File Size, specifically polygon count
2. Rendering Settings, image size and quality

You have not specified an OS but regardless these are the troubleshooting steps to try:
1. Close everything do a restart and try again and/or
2. Choose a smaller image size and/or
3. Choose a different rendering preset, and/or
4. Define a smaller rendering area using the marquee, and/or
5. Turn off all unnecessary layers