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Producing imagery with Archicad or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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By Bricklyne Clarence
Carstenem wrote:
Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:47 am
Bricklyne Clarence wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:08 pm

This is something that most architects will be able to easily dump onto an intern to learn for a couple of days and save themselves (or their clients) those third party high cost rendering fees, so why not?
Sorry but this shows how little you know about 3D visualisation created by a digital artist. Bit insulting too I might say.

You are welcome to google CGI's with TM or Lumion and you will see that 80% of your search result will be at the most average CGI images, many below standards. Do you want to know why? Because of the exact same thinking as you do :) NO Software can produce excellent looking images without knowledge of a 3D Visual Artist expert. There are hundreds of bad looking images out there done in vray.

Cheers Carsten

(comment deleted by moderator)

This is the internet and people are going to voice opinions you don't like about things you might like.
(And I didn't even say anything disparaging about Twinmotion. Which I happen to use, by the way. But it has it's place alongside other tools that an "ignoramus" about visualization like I apparently suddenly am, happen to use, like Corona renderer, and yes, even VRay (once upon a time)).

I suggest in future you should aspire find out more about the person you're talking about (And talking down to) before voicing an opinion about them that might make you sound mighty ignorant yourself.
By Bricklyne Clarence
Carstenem wrote:
Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:48 am
all good , then I am even more surprised about this comment that anybody can us TM after a couple of days and replace a highly skilled 3D Visual Artist, strange and too funny.

(comment deleted by moderator)

To think that that's what made you blow a gasket makes your original comment even more hilarious.

You don't know anything about me
(...and are clearly obviously too lazy to find out here).
You don't know anything about my knowledge of 3D Visualization artists nor my own skill level in the same.
In essence you know nothing about me beyond some comments of mine you misinterpreted and then decided to use as a jumping off point to use to attack me pointlessly, all while displaying your own ignorance.

And the less said about your aforementioned general level of ignorance the better for everyone here.

Soooo....... having seen all that, how well would you say today has worked out for you so far?
On a (sliding) scale of 0 to 10?
By Bricklyne Clarence
I didn't force you to respond to my initial comment, Carsten.

For no reason at all you chose to do that, and likewise for no reason at all again you chose to see some slight or insult in it towards you or somebody else that was never there in in the first place in something completely innocuous I said, and then again for no reason at all yet again you decided to use that to attack me and what I know, in what I myself could likewise justifiably describe as an insulting response in reply.

Nobody forced you to do any of these things and yet when I dare to defend myself you now decide to play the victim.

There's something seriously wrong with you, in my personal opinion.
I'm not responding to anything else on this issue or to you as I wasn't looking for a fight when I posted on this topic (I was actually speaking very favourably towards Twinmotion and hoping they do sort the issues that people are upset about for both Epic Games and Graphisoft's sake), but if you want to keep playing a victim over fights you started, then feel free to do so.
By yourself.

Have a nice day.
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By Carstenem
You are the only one attacking me for giving my opinion, which is fact based and my second language skills.

"" This is something that most architects will be able to easily dump onto an intern to learn for a couple of days and save themselves (or their clients) those third party high cost rendering fees, so why not? ""

The above quote is the only comment I talked about from your post, nothing else.

Be honest the comment that some intern can after a couple of days do the work many Visuals Artist have learnt over years to perfect, is just plain stupid and shows how little you know about this industry.

I would appreciate if you sit back reflect what you just wrote about me and hope you realise this is not the way to communicate in a Forum.

Cheers Carsten
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By LaszloNagy
Guys, I think that will be enough.

Let us keep the conversation about the topic of this thread.
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By Lingwisyer
Getting an intern to do a "quick" Lumion or TM model is good during the earlier stages when you want to give a client a general impression of the spaces. No need to pull in the professional visual artist for something that is constantly changing. Unless your pockets are that deep... Though if that professional uses one of these programs, it might balance out...