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Producing imagery with Archicad or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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Hi everyone, I'm experiencing the following problem in a specific circumtance.

My workflow is as follows:
I export a project to Twinmotion (latest version) with AC23. After some editing I save the file. To increase my luck in case of a crash, I use manual incremental savings in Twinmotion. (for example file01, file02, file03...)

Now the following hapens:
- When I open the first twinmotion file again, there is no problem. All textures are loaded.
- When I open one of the next files, some textures are missing. Twinmotion looks for the folder from the first file named '//.....extracted_Textures'. That folder has been created, but it is completely empty.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Or is my workflow causing this?