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By ajh20
Hi there,
I'm a relatively new Archicad user.
My issue is that I am trying to import an objext to Lumion for rendering but I have to change the user origin to the world origin - currently when I import it to Lumion, it's nowhere to be seen.

I have been told to double click the coodinates button but this is not resolving the issue. Can anyone give precise instructions on how to change the user origin to the world origin - it seems it has to be set to 0,0,0, but I haven't managed it yet...

Many thanks!
The Project Origin (World Origin?) is not adjustable.
You should be modelling close to the Project Origin at all times.
You can have problems in Archicad if you model a long way from the Project Origin.

The User Origin can be repositioned and is simply a reference point for you to work from - it will not affect the Project Origin.

If your model is far from the Project Origin then try moving the entire model closer and see if that helps.