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Is it possible to get a white rendering where the sectioned elements are displayed in one colour? So far I have altered the rendering in Photoshop but I wonder if it isi possible to get it directly in Cinerender. I have tried the section option in Elements in 3D view but the colour doesn't appear when rendered. Do I need to give a white paint to all elements and then determined the section of another colour os is there a quicker way?

Thanks for your inputs.
You could manually override the surfaces of all of your elements as I think you were suggesting.
Possible but not very practical.

Or you could use an alternate set of building material and surface attributes - most set to white and some as coloured.
Then use Attribute Manager to swap the attributes.
Again this will work but is not very practical as you have to be very careful about which elements use which attributes.

Maybe try this.
Set up two Graphic Override rules.
One that overrides to the white surface material and the other to the coloured surface material.
Now you just have to identify the elements that you want for each colour.
Maybe you can use the element ID (if you do not require it for its intended purpose).
Add 'OVERRIDE' to the ID of elements you want to be coloured.
In the Graphic Override rules, set the coloured one to use the criteria of ELEMENT_ID contains OVERRIDE.
In the other rule set the criteria of ELEMENT_ID does not contain OVERRIDE.
Now create a GO combination that uses these two rule.
I think this should work (I haven't tested - just writing as I think about it).

If you require the element ID for its real purpose, then you will have to find some other way to set the criteria to identify the elements you want coloured or not.