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Hi there!
This is a question about getting full range 32-bit images from publisher. I noticed there's a difference if you save a rendered image as a 32 bit .tiff compared to publishing the same format via publisher. Both are saved with the " High accuracy color..." options. Both open as 32-bit images in Photoshop but the image that came from publisher has lost it's range and it behaves just like an 8-bit image. I attach an example where I lowered the exposure in Photoshop to show the difference. Is this difference for a reason or is it a mistake?
/Karl W
Test1.JPG (114.67 KiB) Viewed 302 times
Karl Wirén wrote: Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:39 pm Thank's for your response Karl! Here's my information:

Version Lang Build Platform Type
24 SWE 3022 Win64 FULL

Windows 10
Thanks, Karl! :-)

Before I try to reproduce - could you update to the current release for SWE, which is build 4018? ... version=24

If you get the same result from Publisher there, post back and I or someone will look into it. (I didn't even know 32 bit TIFF was an option... thought it as 8 or 16 bit.)

BTW: I'm on Mac, so if anyone reading this thread is on Windows... please jump in to reproduce in case this is a Windows version related issue.
Ok, I'm back after an update to the latest version and a restart of Archicad. I can't find any documentation in the list of improvements but the problem seems to be solved!
However I would like to post a tip not to use any post effects like color mapping or color correction in the render settings if you wish to save in 32-bit. This was not my issue but it would also clamp the range and give the same behavior.
Thank you Karl Ottenstein for helping out.
/Karl W