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By Eric Milberger
I know that I can drape a material on an object - like wallpaper
And hang a picture that has a png file attached

My questions is how to apply a decal or graffiti

I need to place graphics on the walls that are decals or signage panted on the wall


Paint Graffiti art on the wall
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By Emre Senoglu
so i would first prepare the file in png format, with the correct transparency. then create a material in archicad, turn the transparency layer on. then assign that material to a wall element to only one side of the wall. the other materials of the wall should be an empty material. alternatively, you could use a picture frame for the same method, but i think it would be easier with the wall, due to the limited material settings in the frame gdl object.

you wont get a perfect decal, but it will do the trick fast. here's a video showing how to do all this: ... 38a2f75048
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By Carstenem
I recommend watching this tutorial to add your graffiti. You can use the diffuse channel as long as your graffiti image as an alpha channel.

Diffuse channel 1.jpg
Diffuse channel 1.jpg (142.27 KiB) Viewed 245 times
Diffuse channel 2.jpg
Diffuse channel 2.jpg (116.83 KiB) Viewed 245 times
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By Emre Senoglu
hey eric, great to hear. :)